My early painting days began as a child with my artist mother and brother. Every Saturday, we three sat around the kitchen table and painted the day away. I moved away from that as a teenager, and decided to focus more on designing and making my own clothing, in my own self-taught way.

The sixties and seventies were an inspiring and exciting time in colour and style. In my forties, I turned my creative urges to writing and pursued Creative Writing courses at the University of Winnipeg. I enjoy writing poetry and short stories, and aspire to write my first screenplay. In my early fifties, I decided to pursue design and creativity formally, through studying Apparel Design at University of Manitoba, Faculty of Human Ecology. I graduated after immersing myself in design, drafting, European tailoring, study of fibers, draping and fashion illustration, for 20 months out of 24. I celebrated graduation by traveling to New York and immersing myself in museums, fashion, and music !

I also enjoy interior design and pursued studies in this most rewarding area. It is a life long passion, and my home in Lester Beach is an ongoing project.

I left Winnipeg nine years ago to live full time in Lester Beach. With time on my hands and with opportunity arising, I’ve revisited creativity through painting. I’ve spent the last seven years rediscovering acrylics and pursuing adventures in watercolors. In the last two years I have branched out into exploring oils and gouache. I am inspired by the beach and all aspects of it, especially the water, the sky, the rising and the setting of the sun. I often tell people I’m at the beach 24/7, Beach is a state of mind. When I’m painting, I’m try to capture the essence of what I am seeing and paint in a very simple yet gestural way ! I love movement, color and texture and they are the centre of inspiration for me.

I love utter simplicity, zen atmospheres, and it’s what I quest for in all areas of my life. In the same manner, I try to translate this quest into my paintings.

Whether it be acrylics on canvas, or watercolour on rag cotton, I’m carried away to a another place whenever I have a brush in hand and am pushing paint around. It’s my own personal Zen and one I am mindful of and grateful for. I’m amazed that each time I go and come back, I wonder how hours could slip away, when to me it seems just minutes.

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