A good day for Jane is a day in her studio, painting, reading about art, and
experimenting! Her daily routine begins with lighting a candle, making
strong coffee, and putting on some jazz.

Spring, summer and fall she’s painting in her veranda or walking at Lake
Winnipeg. Winter she’s in her studio on the Assiniboine River. Every day, in the forest and by the water, life lessons of birth, growth, death, and
renewal are inspirations to explore and paint.

Jane enjoys making both abstract and semi abstract art. She starts with
random mark making or writing a sentence or two on the blank canvas,
something she wants to tell the viewer. Then she builds up layers of paint,
often scraping back to reveal colors, images or words just hidden beneath
the surface. Acrylics and oil paint mixed with cold wax are favorite
mediums; large brushes, rubber scrapers and pointy sticks are favorite
tools. Nature, buildings, birds and animals, abstraction, landscape, color,
pattern are all words that describe her art.

Jane has participated in solo and group shows in Canada and the USA. Her art is in public and private collections.

More about Jane and her art can be seen online at www.janegateson.com, Jane Gateson Art (facebook) or on instagram. She is represented by Soul Gallery in Winnipeg and Poor Michael’s in Onanole, MB. Or come and visit her during the Boreal Shores Art Tour, or in her Winnipeg studio!