My interest in sketching and art started in my school years. In 1989 an opportunity to join a painting class got me interested in oil painting. I fell in love with creating canvasses from my photos and my love of nature. Due to our busy lifestyles, building and managing a golf course south of Winnipeg, I was limited to painting during the winter months. With my husband Harvey, we semi retired and moved to the area of Cape Coppermine in 2005. Here, managing the Granite Hills Golf Course also limited my time to paint.
My painting career was put on hold for many years, but I am now able to pursue this again. I have always loved the tranquility and beauty of nature and have allowed it to inspire me in my paintings. I am intrigued by the many varieties of textures, colors and hues found in nature . I am a realistic painter and paint mostly from my photos of wildlife, old buildings, rock formations, glorious trees and nature shots from our canoe trips. Winter and scenes of snow also bring me a certain peace and artistic urge to apply it to canvas. My paintings have a dark to light quality and I love graphic detail. I hope to pursue other medians especially watercolors, and charcoals. My interests also include boating, kayaking, fishing, walking and golf.

“Nature is not a place to visit, it is home” – Gary Snyder –