I do not yet have a clear vision of myself as an artist; it is still developing. There is still time! Growing up, both my parents were painters, and we were always encouraged to paint and draw freely. My mom had an industrial roll of newsprint, and she would set us up on the floor and tear off great strips of paper and we would go to town with brush and water and blocks of paint. We were great artists my siblings and me! I think my artistic abilities must have peaked around eight years old. Then I started thinking the eyes had to go here and the nose had to go there, and grass was green, and sky was blue, and it all went to heck.
Since those halcyon days my art pursuits of the past 62 years have been sporadic, but I keep the dream alive of full-time painting when I retire.
I am currently a member of the Winnipeg Sketch Club which exhibits once a year. I am hoping to participate in more group shows.
Now, I am working with acrylics, water soluble oils, and pastels. Subject matter and inspiration come from time spent at our cottage on Lake Winnipeg.
My work consists of portraiture, landscapes, and figure drawing and I am drawn towards an impressionist style. Sometimes I have a strong vision of what I want to paint, and I can quickly paint a whole painting that I am happy with. Other times I just start to put paint on canvas and explore what happens. This exploration most often incorporates mixed media and the pieces generally will take longer to complete.
There are so many good artists to look up to! I appreciate the individualism of art and the challenge of self expression.