Originally from Nova Scotia, Amy has been living in Manitoba for over a decade, most of that time spent in Thompson, MB. This small city north of the 55th parallel was a perfect location for viewing the northern lights, something never before witnessed by the east coaster. She became immediately fascinated by them and began learning how to photograph them. As an artistic person by nature with training in graphic design and multimedia, she wasn’t satisfied with the traditional photography options, especially with the competition of so many other talented, local photographers so she began offering her images as jewelry pieces. She loved the idea of wearable northern lights and being able to take them with you. Now, a music and art teacher and award-winning photographer, she has moved much further south to the beautiful Powerview-Pinefalls area. Not only does the area offer countless new landscape and wildlife photography opportunities, but the beautiful Winnipeg river flows right behind her house and she can still see the northern lights right from her backyard. She loves to share her stories and experiences with others and will never tire of watching the lights dance.