Anita Schewe Drabyk has lived in Pinawa, Manitoba, for over 30 years but she grew up on a farm near Beausejour where her interest in art, nature and farming was nurtured. Drabyk enjoys photography, watercolours and various other painting media. Her art has incorporated the advice and expertise of photographers and painters from across Canada. Her work was particularly influenced by Courtney Milne, a photographer from Saskatchewan.

Drabyk was chair of two art groups, Pinawa Art 211 and the Pinawa Association for Photographic Art, for many years. Here she still enjoys the company, inspiration and peer review of many talented artists and photographers. Her work has also been influenced by her interest, education and career in biology; flowers, plants, mammals, birds and the natural landscape are dominant themes in my work. She works in pencil, pen & ink, watercolour, pastels, acrylic and oil as well as photography.

Drabyk lived in China for two years and visited the country a few more times and these sojourns have modified how she looks at art and photography. Here again she enjoyed viewing and interpreting rural life, gardens, birds and the physical landscape. In China, she also taught art for the local Canadian students.