Enjoying retirement life in Pinawa, Arlene has been able to focus a good deal of time on her art and the art of the community. She remembers herself as the grade three child who was told that she was no artist because she chose to colour the spring Robin in the colours of a Blue Jay, which was her favourite bird, and much more pleasing than the drab Robin Brown.

By 18 she was enrolled and studying at the Canadian School of Floral Art in Hamilton, pursuing a successful and rewarding lifetime career in the Floral industry in Winnipeg, through which, finding other ways of expressing her artistic talents because she was “No artist”. Just by chance, she attended an oil painting class to accompany one of her sons, as he was too young to attend alone, there creating her first painting, 30 years ago. This was like opening the flood gates of imagination. There was 27 years of missed opportunities to express, which to this day still find their way onto Arlene’s canvas. Arlene loves to experiment, using many mediums, many surfaces and many styles. Her determination to learn, to see, to encourage and share with other artists, helps to expand her artistic mind, and keep the flame burning bright.

The beautiful scenery of Canada is the predominate subject of Arlene’s work, reflecting the colours, landscapes, and the familiar vegetation of our picturesque Country. From the abstract like flare to the realistic. they all have the comfortable familiarity to them. Arlene’s work can be found in the Pinawa Art Gallery, where she volunteers and teaches a variety of art and flower classes.

“The Meaning of Life is to find your Gift. The Purpose in Life is to give it away”