Following a life long passion and career of art and flowers, Arlene retired to Pinawa where she continues to practice, learn, teach, and share the accumulated knowledge of many of her mediums. Arlene paints in oils, acrylic, water colour and mixed medium, as well as many commercial products. She paints on many surfaces beyond paper and canvas. Clay sculpting and flower arranging provide variety in her art expression.

Teaching and sharing her knowledge has been as rewarding as creating. It challenges her to perfect her work, read her students abilities and expectations, stay ahead of her students and to venture into subjects in which she may have had little or no interest in the past.

“I truly can not remember a time when art and design did not interest me. Shapes, colours, textures, lines, and compositions in their endless variety never cease to capture my wonderment. The beauty of nature exceeds what the human brain can imagine, and the challenge to capture and express that fleeting moment of beauty can be consuming.”

Arlene believes that an artist will reproduce what they love, what they connect with through emotion, and it can be a very intimate connection when reproduced through art. The Artist must see its true colours, dimensions,texture and form, seeing and understanding more intensely.

Website: Pinawa Art Gallery