I love to paint nature in its’ untouched beauty. To capture a magical moment and then release it again on canvas for others to experience, is a rewarding accomplishment for me. Over the 25 years of painting experience, my goals have changed concerning my artwork. Although I still love the control I experience with the use of Oil paints, I find I’m amazed at the final outcome of allowing water colour and acrylic paint to fluidly blend and create a visual texture.

My painted glass vases are unique, one of a kind pieces, collected as great conversation pieces intriguing people to find the many things hidden in the designs. Thus the name Xanadu Glass. The process is one that I’ve experimented with for years and still continue to improve on. The movement of the fluid paint on the glass allows me to create mystical, exotic, and mysterious images that hand painting would never achieve.
My world has revolved around the artistic side of life with 37 years as a Professional Floral Designer until retiring in Pinawa Mb. But art didn’t completely take a retirement. With years of art classes and experience, exploring a variety of paint mediums, styles, & topics, I continued my retired life with a new more relaxed, mature outlook on my work. 10 years later I’m still experimenting, still thrilled with creating, and still excited to see the magic appear on the canvas.
My work is displayed at the Pinawa Art Gallery, and my home is open to view my work by appointment. I teach water colour and acrylic painting classes and floral design, through Pinawa Art 211 Inc. if there’s something going on with art in Pinawa, I’m usually involved.