My husband Roger and I moved to our home in Lakeshore Heights in September 1992. Part of my plan then was to further my interest in Stained Glass which was a hobby into a small business. However after touring much of Europe, Egypt, Thailand and Indonesia my interests were leaning more into mosaics and painting.

As an avid gardener in 2001 I began creating “Wonderland Gardens”. The story of Alice in Wonderland is depicted throughout the labyrinth path in my front yard. My mosaics are scattered throughout the Fairy, Butterfly and Meditation Gardens too. I enjoy creating pieces that sparkle and my mediums includes stained glass, mirror, beach glass and globs, shells, driftwood and stone. In 2010 we built a greenhouse and much of my time is spent between there and our sunroom studio which houses much of my work. My mosaics also transformed our home into a mini gallery. The bathroom floor is a magical mermaid, sea turtle and many fish, glass globs, mirror and shells of course. While the kitchen which we re decorated a few years ago shows the lonesome pelican from the Grand Beach lagoon. Roger took his photo and I created the wall from tile, stained glass, stone, shells and driftwood.

After wintering in Mexico and Arizona I became fascinated with skull art. I have created two so far with a third planned this spring. My paintings are mostly self taught in acrylic and water colours. I especially enjoy using found feathers and a porcupine quill to enhance the final touches of a painting. Most of which are birds and wildlife but also many from children’s story books too. We always welcome visitors to see these various art forms throughout our home. This like the garden is our sanctuary and people always comment on what a peaceful, relaxing environment we live in.