Barb presents a free-flow approach to painting, capturing transparency without sacrificing colour brightness. From bright poppies to winter birches, her paintings evoke the happiness of a seasonal landscape.

Taking classes at various private and public institutions across Canada, including the Winnipeg Art Gallery and others, Barb has developed her flair for fresh, modern works with unusual colour blends. Natural settings outdoors give her the greatest challenge and the most satisfaction. She enjoys letting colours mix on the page to produce new and startling results.

The journey of creating a painting is a long one, involving quick sketches, several washes and finally overglazes. Capturing the subject in outdoor light is its own challenge and early morning walkers will see Barb hard at work before the bright afternoon sunlight washes out natural colour. Starting with a fully wet paper, she strives to paint loosely to let the water work its magic, creating happy accidents and new colours as the work develops.

Whether painting spring lady slippers outdoors or flowers in a vase, Barb enjoys portraying nature. With its natural light and full forest views, her cottage at Sandy Bay is an ideal painting studio. Amidst the towering poplars there she finds peace and joy, which she hopes you will feel reflected in her paintings.

Website: Barb Metrycki
Instagram: Barb Metrycki