Barb Metrycki is a local painter whose Sandy Bay (Victoria Beach) cottage makes an ideal painting studio; its window views inspire many of her colourful natural scenes. She presents a fresh, modern approach to the landscape, capturing the transparency of a leaf, without sacrificing bright colours. From pastels to brights, her work evokes the happiness and joy of nature.

Taking painting classes at various institutions across Canada, including the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Nova Scotia School of Art, Chicago Art Institute, Ontario Gallery of Art, Winnipeg Art Gallery and others, Barb has developed her flair for colourful nature painting.

Flowers and trees give her the greatest challenge and the most satisfaction as she attempts to capture their freshness and natural beauty. She continually strives to build shape and structure while painting freely. She works in watercolour, adding inks and pastels for special effects. Her interest in texture has led her recently to batik making, where she works with ink, paints and wax, layering each on rice paper to create unique batiks of local wildflowers, birches and poplars. Painting bright and deep colours, while keeping true to light, is important to her. Amidst the towering poplars of Lake Winnipeg shores, she finds a special peace and joy, which she hopes you will share. See her on Instagram @barbmetrycki and on her website at