Imagination, movement, colour, silence; a visual story begins.
From the moment the black pen touches the paper the world is quiet and a story begins. One line will take on a twist or a turn and then random patterns seem to follow. Each drawing evolves as I create a different story.
My artwork begins with a larger scale piece of watercolour paper and numerous layers of paint mixed with Copic markers. The design patterns are random and can be very complex and take from several hours to many days to form a complete story.
The colours I prefer are bright and bold to capture one’s attention and draw them in. Just as I enjoy the random pattern layers, I equally explore artistic symbolism in smaller vignettes hidden all throughout.
Recently, Pritchard ArtWear was founded to produce exciting and unique clothing designs based on my artwork designs. I pay particular attention to the quality of construction of my clothing pieces, to the placement of design, the vibrancy of colours, and I vary the patterns and colours so that people wearing my clothing can be assured that they are going to stand apart while wearing Pritchard Artwear! You can see examples of my work under the Facebook name PritchardArtWear and also on Instagram.
My custom artwork commissions start from an idea, a simple conversation based on colours, events, moments and what it is about the work you enjoy the most. I create art to make one feel happy, to be lost for a moment in a world which seems to be forever changing.
My time at the University of Manitoba spent earning two undergraduate degrees in fine arts and clothing & textiles as well as an interdisciplinary Masters Degrees of Arts prepared me uniquely to blend a passion for art with a passion for fabrics and clothing design. While in Art School at the University of Manitoba I was asked “When do you know when it is finished – it’s when all the spaces are filled!