It was a natural transition with my educational background in Fine Arts and Textiles to merge the two into my artwork. Initially I started artistically making very colourful artworks featuring doodles interspersed with characters from my imagination. Over time my works have remained bold and colourful but the characters have become much more prominent and help weave a story into each piece. It was later that I had the epiphany to use modern textile printing technology to print my art onto fabric and make textiles: Art + Textiles = ArtWear.

I spend several hours each week working on different aspects of my artwork. A new print can take weeks to be drawn and carefully hand coloured. Once this process is complete the artwork is scanned and colour matched to the hand-crafted original and then art is placed on the clothing pattern layout digitally after which I can proceed to clothing production.

My biggest influence was my Mother who worked from home as an interior designer. I would watch her draw late into the night, go sample shopping and spend hours on different project locations. Patterns, paint colors, wall papers anything to do with the creative process I watched her creative process.

My favorite subjects for my artwork are interesting characters and forms. i.e. pen and ink work from Tim Burton or the costumes and make-up in a Cirque du Soleil performance. My subjects are interesting, colourful, whimsical … they make people stop on the street and look twice.