My work is a combination of many different mediums from Copic markers to watercolours, gels, and ink pens. I also create larger format pieces in acrylic inks. I produce original works and lithography and I also take my hand drawn art and create original clothing items using my colourful, whimsical art pieces. My ArtWear clients become my canvass.

The process begins with a black line on a large, white canvass. In each work, an individual story is told through the lines, shapes, and repetitive patterns.

As a graduate of the University of Manitoba School of Art I combined many elements of my educational foundations in textiles, formal art training, and historical influences to develop my own style.

My work has been shown throughout Manitoba at several charitable fundraising events from Victoria Beach Club, Canadian Cancer Society, Mood Disorders Gala, Big Brothers, Big Sisters Gala, Golden Girl Financial Gala among others. Collectors of my work include famous Winnipeg actress Nia Vardalos!

Email: [email protected]