Living in the Boreal Forest has given Bernice opportunities to explore the nature around her. It has inspired her to create an art form that reflects nature in her work, for instance, using watercolour to capture the beauty of the “BOREAL OWL”. (Inspired by a photo her husband took on the banks of the Winnipeg River near their home.) She has captured various landscapes on glass, canvas, wood and watercolour paper. Bernice likes to do functional art painting on furniture, glass beads (for jewelry), glass blocks for (night lights)and clear glass balls for( sun catchers).

Bernice has taken the opportunity to try different mediums over the years such as pottery, stained glass, sculpture, folk art painting, air brushing, embroidery, quilting, and willow furniture to name just a few.

She is also an avid gardener spending many enjoyable hours exploring the beauty of plants, shrubs and trees. This pastime also gives her time in quiet meditation to plan her next project while inhaling the wonderful aromas in her garden, and giving her a sense of tranquility.

She is humbled when asked to do custom orders for people and takes it as the highest compliment an artist can receive.

Bernice believes that everyone has a talent in some form and that we are better people if we explore our talents. Art has enriched her life and given her a new way to express herself. She hopes you will take the time to visit her and see her art and that ofher fellow artists.