On a Friday in 2004 while walking down Corydon Avenue (and a little bored) I stopped in front of Stoneware Gallery. On going in I found that they had space available for classes on Fridays for the summer so I signed up. Now 14 years later I’m still learning.

Being able to take a chunk of clay and shape and mould it into something unique and a thing of beauty, is rewarding beyond any thing one can imagine. I have my own gas kiln and fire at cone 10 (1250-1300 deg c).By adjusting the atmosphere within the kiln one can totally change the outcome that might be expected. There are many surprises!

I also mix my own glazes. Many of these came from John Britt’s book (High-Fire Glazes). Some were glaze that I used at Stoneware Gallery, others were gleaned from the many online magazines that exist. I also bought a glaze database called GlazeChem many years ago which came with a large number of formulas, to which I have added many more. I probable have around 30 different glazes on hand at one time as I get rid of those I don’t like and look for new ones to try.

At present I’m experimenting with layering multiple glazes of varying thickness, as this can give unexpected results. One of the resources I have found really useful lately is u-tube. There are many examples of different techniques for throwing the vessel as well as glazing and firing.

In short never stop learning, and let your imagination go wild!