Bill Nitzsche connects with nature by creating works of art from the bounty of the forest floor around his workshop. Working from his studio at Barrier Bay in the North Whiteshell, Bill brings to life wood’s inner beauty as he creates one of kind pieces of furniture, bowls, charcuterie boards, carvings and anything wood related.

Bill lives in harmony with nature. He and his wife Sandy, along with their pup Coco, live in a cottage that he designed and renovated and which reflects his personality. His workshop is amidst the woods that provide much of the inspiration for his projects.

Bill strives to find the ideal use for every scrap of wood, giving trees a second life! He is constantly on the look out for burls and collects fallen and salvaged trees preferring to use Manitoba maple (box elder). He seeks the swirly grain of huge burls and wood marked by red fungi tracks, bark intrusions, worm holes and knots. These provide interesting and unique pieces. Often Bill will let raw wood sit, sometimes for years, before it speaks out to him and a design emerges. Other times inspiration is plentiful and he creates feverishly.  

Each piece of furniture, bowl, cutting board or carving is created as a one of kind handcrafted item or Bill can turn your own wormy dead tree into a family heirloom or spectacular art piece. Pick from existing inventory or work with Bill to create a custom design. Either way, attention to detail is key in highlighting wood’s natural beauty in the live edges, knot holes and unique grain of every piece.

Bill excels at capturing the wonder of wood in his natural-finish carvings and has won several best of show awards at Prairie Canada. He has earned the distinction of scoring a record five wins both by other carvers and people’s choice awards. 

Bill has competed in the Ward World Championship, clinching second place in the Advanced Interpretive Wood Sculpture category. He also exhibits his works at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

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