Two small boys drawing cartoons may be an inauspicious beginning for being any kind of artist. This was back where Western adventures or WW11 soldiers were our main interest. Of course having a mother that was an egging on inspiration to give art a try also helped. As far as I know the other small boy became a talented painter -whatever else he did in life. I went on to be a radio announcer and producer after graduating from Ryerson in Toronto – where I also took an art course in my final year. I continued to dabble in art over 40 years in radio in an off and on manner.

After retirement and various moves ending in Pinawa where my wife is a chef and business owner I revitalized my interest in drawing a few years ago by taking a local art course.

My main interest in using pencil and inks is in drawing people and animals, though I occasionally also do scenery, I admittedly am a bit of an environmentalist and particularly enjoy doing pictures of wolves and owls among other things. Fortunately others seem to like these topics as well. I was a top winner in the drawing category at a recent judged art contest and have sold a few pieces since. My name is Bob Munn and sales aside, the main interest in drawing is what I enjoy seeing in life. A blank sheet of drawing paper, an interesting face, an arresting photo of wildlife, then I’m challenged to put pen or pencil to work to see if I can give a topic worthwhile rendering, whether in black and white or in colour. Though I must admit I leave the matting and framing to my wife who has the patience and the eye to attend to the chore.