Little Raven Pottery is the ceramic output of Brenna Marie Cross Klaverkamp, an interdisciplinary artist living in Pine Falls, Manitoba. She projects a strong, spiritual connection to the natural world through her hand painted, hand built ceramics. With expressive and experimental designs and colours, her pottery is at times playful and at times breathtaking.

” I love the therapeutic qualities of working with clay.” says Brenna about her work. “For me, my journey into hand building started with my love for pinch pots, the shape and the way they feel in my hands.”

For years, Brenna never wanted to use any tools other than her hands. Eventually she started to incorporate tools to refine her pieces but she really valued learning about the tactile nature of clay by shaping it only with her hands. In doing so she found making pinch pot pottery to be a fun and beautiful experience.

Art has always been a huge part of Brenna’s life. Since she was a child, she has always seeked to learn artistic disciplines including dancing and choreography, painting, illustration, journa keeping and sketchbooking, fiber art, poster and set design, printmaking, music and animation.

Growing up, Brenna learned to paint and draw by watching her grandmother, who was a painter. Hand painting her pottery and experimenting with blending glazes is an important part of the
process, but it also felt like a natural progression to her, bringing these two worlds together.

Inspired by light and shadow and how they play with shapes, form and colour, Brenna has constantly continued to teach herself pottery through trial and error.

Each piece is unique and one of kind. Variations can be expected, and this is what she loves most about hand built and hand painted pottery; there are endless possibilities and there is always more to learn.

Creation, human nature and our relationship to the universe are continually influencing Brenna’s work. Her ongoing artistic interest is in our connection to, and our understanding of, nature. Her goal with her artistic process is to seek inner growth and to learn.

When Brenna is not in the studio she can be found spending time with her family, knitting, walking her dogs and enjoying the boreal forest that surrounds her home.