I grew up in Winnipeg and raised my family in St Boniface.  I started my career in a steel fabrication shop as an apprentice welder and fabricator. Over a 33 year period, I continued to take courses and became  a certified steel fabricator and went on to become a Canadian Welding Bureau welding supervisor.

In 1998, our children left the nest and my wife and I decided to take a different path, one that afforded new opportunities.We both worked part time, giving us the time to do some of the things that were meaningful to us. I built a small shop and got caught up in woodturning!

I have always felt a kinship with the great outdoors, especially trees.    The bark, the grains and the colours in different species are never the same and always surprise me.  The forest provides us with so much natural beauty.    Creating art in wood is a lifetime learning process and I plan to live my life in pursuit of that dream. We are so fortunate to be living in this area.

My pieces have travelled throughout Canada, the United States, South Korea, Mexico, Switzerland and Australia. My work has been displayed at the Gwen Fox Gallery, Jensen Nursery in Winnipeg and Through the Arbor in Pine Falls.

I feel at peace with the world when I am turning.