cropped portrait

I am a self taught wood turner.

I grew up in St. Boniface, Mb and moved, with my family, to our cabin in St. George’s, Mb in 1998.

I have always had a love for wood.

I began honing my skills by repairing antique clocks and furniture. I started to build and to design clocks and moved on to wood carving.

I was given an old lathe by a family member and soon realized I was addicted. I began to notice all the great pieces of wood that my neighbours were burning! I could be making them into bowls, vases, ornaments, whatever! Wood hunting by me, neighbours, friends and family began.
I once read if you are not careful – you will have no flat surfaces left in your house, it has been proven true.

Woodturning is an art form described as finding the beauty in the grain and the colour of the wood and turning them into objects that are functional and/or beautiful.

Creating art in wood is a lifetime learning process and I plan to live my life in pursuit of that dream

Selling my work was never planned. It still surprises e when people want to purchase one of my pieces. The most interesting part of selling is where my pieces have travelled. Canada, the United States, South Korea, Mexico, Switzerland and Australia.

My work has been displayed and sold at the Gwen Fox Gallery in Selkirk, Jensen Nursery in Winnipeg, and Through the Arbor in Pine Falls.