By Brigitta Urben

When Potter putter
We hear her mutter
“Earth and Water
“And and Clay
Be me…
Show form

This I say
If I may

Land is:
Seen, been
Felt, formed,
Perceived, received,
Infuses soul.
Dug, dried,
Wet, wedged, worked

Land is torn
With hands reborn

When Potter potters
We hear her mutter
With such glee
” What Mystery!”

What is being one with nature? What is intuition? spirituality? How can we, as humans, be ecologically sustainable? Brigitta thinks of these questions… While a fine arts honours graduate, she taught around Manitoba and Winnipeg for 25 years and has had two solo shows. “Sacred Moments” explore Marcea Iliad’s concept of ‘axis mundi’ in her spirituality, and “Genius Loci” examine the spirit of the land she lived on, in the Boreal Forest.

The clay found on the land, wow, great stuff. From the hole near the pond, it processed into a strong beautiful golden colored clay. “Genius Loci” showed these pieces. Last year new telephone poles appeared, each with a pile of clay beside it. Well, the wheel barrow came out and the stuff was carted home. Experimentation time! This is the same clay the Indigenous Peoples used to make pots a thousand years ago that can be seen at the Manitoba Museum. The experiment continues with this Boggy River clay.