My path into photography began not too long ago, with the purchase of my first camera. Since then I’ve been hooked, and can be frequently found behind the lens taking pictures or on the computer editing

My travels have taken me to remote places, where a path may go untouched for years. It is in this seclusion that I have found true beauty. Photography allows me to return from these wilderness trips with an image that tells a story. Because my photography embodies significant trips or journeys, I have a personal connection to each photograph that I produce. There are many different ways to class my photography, perhaps under wildlife, landscape, or even lifestyle. That said, each photo encompasses a piece of Canadian wilderness and those who live in its world.

I have been greatly influenced and aided by photographers from in and around Winnipeg, including Ingrid Misner, who I think of as a mentor for my work. She taught me most of what I know about editing and has been a significant supporter in my education as a photographer. On social media, I’ve always looked towards the ever-informative Tony and Chelsea Northrup. Their YouTube channel can help beginners and advanced alike. Part of the beauty of photography is its dynamic nature. Styles continue to change, as does the technology that photographers use. The Northrups produce videos that help in advancing your skills, be it basic photography or advanced editing.

Peter McKinnon is another helpful source for information. His videos are incredibly well made, and he covers a swath of helpful information.
To any new photographers, I would recommend pursuing your wanderlust. There are beautiful things to be seen and photographed. I was once told by a fisherman that a fishing lure’s purpose is to fish; if you snag and lose it in the process, it’s where it was meant to be. A fishing lure isn’t meant to sit in a tackle box. Likewise, your camera isn’t meant to sit in a bag. The world passes us by quickly – in the blink of an eye, something has come and gone. A camera doesn’t just capture a moment, but a memory as well. So, go outside and pursue that next photo.