An explorer of the sacredness of being, Chrissy Sie-Merritt expresses a passion for peeling away the layers of self. Her work is one of a personal healing journey. She intuitively creates marks using her whole body that express a moment in time. This physical conversation with the ebb and flow of life is her impetus to go deeper, allowing images to rise up from within. This transformation journey with the self is artfullyexpressed in her free flowing charcoal and pastel creations.

A dreamer that wishes to transform how we navigate our way through this world, Chrissy Sie-Merritt, dives into the subtle details of life. Inspired by the textures of all living things, Chrissy is also drawn to explore the wonders of nature with paint on canvas.

Residing in East Braintree Manitoba, Chrissy has always been inspired by the cycles of nature and the connection of these rhythms within her life’s journey. Chrissy studied Fine Art at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and has continued to work on her art career with Creative Manitoba since 2013, she has also just recently received her diploma in Interior Design. Chrissy has shown her work in a solo and group setting at the Cre8ery Gallery in Winnipeg and is currently preparing for another solo show in March of 2019.

“Chrissy brings incredible presence to her work as an artist and as a healer. Whether through painting, drawing, opening the body in Yoga, quieting the mind in meditation, or listening to spirit in retreat, Chrissy offers deeply grounded and soul-nourishing experiences that are available to anyone.”
~ Jennifer Oborne Crolly