I have always loved nature and have always had an eye for beauty.  Everywhere I go, I have a camera with me, ready to capture the beauty around me so I can share it with others or just look at it again and again in a photo.    A few years ago, I acquired a DSLR camera and became even more obsessed with photography.   I have spent many weekends hiking around Victoria Beach taking photos and have seldom missed a sunset when at the beach.   The colours generated by the vast prairies skies over Lake Winnipeg can make for some amazing captures.   I enjoy creating photographs that have a highly artistic appeal.

I started taking photos with the intention of recreating them into artworks.   However I seldom had the time in my career in the Information Technology field.   I recently retired and have finally had more time to dive in and pursue my passion for painting.

I mostly painted with Acrylics, off and on, throughout the years.  A few years ago I started painting with Oils.   I prefer Oil painting for the depth of colour and textures as well as the ease of blending.   I also enjoy painting with Alcohol Inks due to vibrant colours of the inks. I also sometimes dabble with painting with watercolours.

My subjects are typically landscapes, such as mountain landscapes of Arizona, beach landscapes of Victoria Beach or seascapes from BC but I have always had a fascination with Polar Bears and have often used them as subjects in my art.


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