Born in Winnipeg, growing up in rural St-Anne and graduating from Ecole Communautaire Ste George in Ste George Manitoba, Demi-Raine now resides in peaceful Lac du Bonnet Manitoba with her spouse and three beloved dogs, Bourbon, Shire and Nova.

As far as Demi can remember, Art has always been a part of her life.
From an early age, her parents knew she would be an artistic person. Her imagination and ability to create was evident in the drawings she created or the stories she would tell her little brother. Demi was able to create new and different worlds for her friends and siblings to play in. Using plasticine and clay she would shape animals and people, to help with their adventures. Seeing beauty in everything, she collected rocks flowers and feathers and used them in her creations.

To direct this artistic ability, she was enrolled at the Forum Art Center in Winnipeg, at the age of eight. There, she learned the fine arts and experienced every medium possible from sculpting, painting to drawing and everything in between.

On most days, Demi creates her artwork at home while listening to music. For her it is almost like a form of therapy. A non-verbal way of expressing one’s self.

Demi finds inspiration through life, nature and storytelling. Her artwork is a response to her thoughts, feelings and experiences. On occasion some of her fantasy artwork is straight from her writing while other artworks are commissioned portraits. She works with pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, acrylic, water soluble oils and other mixed mediums.

Demi has always been attracted to fantasy, realism, abstract and portraits making it difficult to stay in one medium or style of art. There are too many things to try in life, so why not try them all? She prefers to call herself an evolving artist who continues to try new mediums that speak to her. She hopes to inspire others with her artwork.

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