My interest towards woodworking came later in my adult life. Over the years this interest became a passion, particularly in designing and crafting one-of-a-kind furniture items. I find working with wood brings a satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that nothing else quite matches. From forming an idea, working out the details, finding and selecting the right pieces of wood, putting it all together and finally applying the finish to bring out the natural beauty of a finely crafted piece.

My approach to furniture-making is to make pieces that are finely crafted. Finely crafted furniture will last a lifetime, showcase the beauty of wood, be artfully designed and yet functional. As a self-taught woodworker I have learned it does not pay to cut corners. Fine woodworking demands well executed joinery, attention to details and, most importantly, pride in workmanship. I strive to create pieces of the highest precision and quality for both my customer’s satisfaction as well my own sense of accomplishment. Careful consideration is given to the material selection and design to ensure the finished product will be cherished by you and generations to come.

Most of the pieces I have completed are considered contemporary works. I also have a fondness for Asian inspired designs, arts and crafts, art deco and most recently live edge works. To view my work check out or drop by the shop where a variety of unique completed works are always on hand and available for purchase.