Diane Bruyère is a contemporary painter who lives in Winnipeg but spends six months of the year at her cottage in Albert Beach. There is where most of her creative juices are expressed under the beauty of our soft summer breezes. She grew up in southern Manitoba in a french-canadian family and community. Raised with athletic siblings was always a struggle for her but she found her passions and a place in her family as the artsy one through singing, music, sewing, crafts, knitting, baking and painting.

Picturesque landscapes, elevators, old barns, stormy skies, wheat fields, animals, lakes and snow covered prairies are brought to life with contrasting colors and soft compositions. Being a proud Manitoban, Diane tries to tell a story through her art and invite’s everyone to join her in her visual journey.

Diane also loves to experiment with different mediums. Lately, she’s been exploring abstract art work on canvases and wood by letting acrylic and resin pigment run amok. This form of abstract art uses mostly acrylic with a runny consistency to create unique psychedelic paintings of various sizes. Through this fluid art, she pursues color relationships with fervor.

As a retired tourism coordinator and mother of four grown children and 8 grandchildren, she has, in the last 5 years, found time to participate in different training sessions around Winnipeg. She also finds on-line courses to be inspiring and effective. She believes that continually learning from other artists is imperative and that’s why during winter months, as a Snow Bird, she participates in art walks.

Diane struggles with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. Her conditions can be difficult because of the constant pain but once she starts painting, she becomes so focused on her art and creativity that nothing else matters. Her art becomes a therapeutic escape and she would like to continue painting and learning about new materials, techniques and styles for as long as she can.

By Appointment – July & August:
VOILÀ ART – Albert Beach, MB

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