I am a retired social worker living in Hillside Beach. I have always loved taking photographs but after much unsolicited feedback on having a “good eye”, I was encouraged to pursue my hobby more actively. Upon retirement I began learning the technical side of photography with a newly acquired DSLR camera and the plethora of learning tools on the internet.

A photography tour to Nicaragua gave me the opportunity to learn from a professional photographer while experiencing a beautiful country and its people through both photography and volunteer work. That life-changing experience caused me to explore ways to combine my passions for photography and for charitable works. Chickadee Lane Photography was born. I now make note cards and prints so as to share my art while raising money for local charities.

I am grateful to live in the East Beach area and for the travels that I have had the privilege of experiencing in Antarctica, Africa, and South, Central and North America. I love to see the extraordinary in the ordinary – my genre of photography is known as “intimate landscapes”. I love to see, capture and share the so-called weeds in the ditches; the ever-changing beachscapes; natural ice sculptures; the juxtaposition of colours in a forest; and wildlife in their natural habitat.

My work is available through my website, at local craft sales, at Carol’s on Leon and at Benjamin’s Bistro in Traverse Bay. I operate on a not-for-profit basis with proceeds going to local charities.