Born in Winnipeg, grew up on a farm in St. Martin, Manitoba in the Interlake and now lives in Rennie, Manitoba next door to the Alf Hole Goose Sanctuary and the Whiteshell Provincial Park.

Spent most of her life sketching and started painting in 1975. Studied oil painting at Symposium School of Art in Winnipeg, color mixing under a Winnipeg Artist, one year of Graphic Arts at Red River and is self taught in watercolors.

Dianne thinks of herself as a realist and advocates naturalism in her paintings. She likes to display her fascination for nature and strives to create the excitement, peace and beauty that she feels when observing nature.

Our season are short, nature’s coloration changes fast, plants emerge, wildlife flashes by, I want to observe and portray so much of it. We have so much in nature around us to enjoy, reopen our eyes and look again while we have the chance.

Dianne teaches workshops in sketching and painting at 4H camp, schools, art clubs, community summer art camps and private lessons. She sells her artwork across Canada and many pieces have gone to Germany, Norway, England and the United States. Dianne has received many awards in Juried Art Shows, Best of Show in Trappers Festivals, ribbons in Ducks Unlimited and sponsor print artist for Ducks Unlimited in 2004