For over 20 years, Charles and Judy Shepard have promoted their combined wood art form under the identity of “Driftwood Rustics”. Charles and Judy have enjoyed years as vendor participants in art festivals, music and street festivals and juried arts & crafts sales events around Manitoba.

As their woodcraft and Judy’s painting skills improved, Charles and Judy developed a selection of “Signature” wood art pieces. These beautiful objects include Hobbit furniture, tea tables and even wren stone castles, always handmade and hand painted.

Since creating his earliest piece in the 1990’s, Charles has emphasized live edge (sometimes described as “raw edge”) on the majority of his creations. Currently live edge has become a very popular trend for a more artistic approach in home accents, using both for rustic and contemporary designs. Charles fittingly describes their art form as “Refined Rustic”.

Charles and Judy live in their hand built mountain home (but sans mountain) in Belair. They were fortunate to add an attached studio and shop area. Now they are able to make driftwood and rustic pieces in any weather.

With their combined families spread across North America they are able to co-ordinate family visits with sourcing unique raw materials for their wood art. Charles has imported material from Michigan to Oregon to New Mexico. Unusual wood is transformed into a “Signature” piece. Last year Charles milled some beautiful slabs of ash hardwood for use in 2019. Other inventory includes cedar, pine and cottonwood.

Charles and Judy still manage to keep up their regular line of cabin and garden items. They plan to be vendors during the summer of 2019 at Victoria Beach Summer Market on Saturday mornings. They can be contacted by Email at [email protected]