Eleonore is a juried member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the Manitoba Society of Artists and exhibits frequently with the MSA.  She won the People’s Choice Award at Art Expo, and has had solo shows in Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Grand Cayman Is. and New York city.  Her work is featured in Grand Cayman in Kennedy and Pure Art galleries, and in Winnipeg in Birchwood Gallery.

Her texture based work derives from fascination with layers of time and human experience.  Tiers of  experience  are built upon hopes and hurts, aspirations and challenges of generations, whose smiles of victory and tears of defeat attest to the resilience of the human spirit.  As every new stratum is added, a fascinating totality emerges from the depths.

Eleonore’s work expresses her conviction that there is beauty and worth in all creation, and finds meaning in adversity as well as in human endeavour, discovering there is redemption in loss.  Her wish is to convey, in some small measure, the beauty of the Creator that pervades the world despite any fragility of circumstance. She can be reached at hjesau@mts.net or 204 756-2051