George Tanner was born in Winnipeg and now lives at Falcon Lake. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Manitoba where he majored in Graphic Design. He has worked for many years in this field, notably for the Department of National Defence and for Winnipeg Transit.
He is a long time member of the Winnipeg Sketch Club and has held every position on the club’s executive, including president. He is also a member of CARFAC Manitoba and held the position of vice-chair with that artists’ advocacy organization for two years.

His subject matter comes from two distinct sources. One is nature, particularly the landscapes and settings of the south Whiteshell Provincial Park where he has spent considerable time. The other source is imagination. He has composed a number of striking and memorable paintings and drawings by creating characters and placing them in scenes based on dreams, memories and possibilities.

George has held a number of solo exhibitions of his work as well as regularly participating in groups shows. His entries have won several awards at the Winnipeg Sketch Club’s Annual Juried Exhibitions and the Red River Exhibition Art-Extravaganza. His artwork is included in several corporate and individual collections. His work can be seen at the Hi-Point Restaurant and Lounge at West Hawk Lake, Manitoba and online at

The following is his artist statement from his website:
My paintings continue to progress along different and varied paths at least in terms of subject matter. The goal in all work is the same though – to produce an artwork that captures thevattention of the viewer and communicates something, perhaps only a feeling or memory, on a non-verbal level.

I have organized my work into four categories; landscape, figure, still life and invention. Landscape focuses on the light and atmosphere of the environment, especially locations in the Whiteshell Provincial Park. I find these scenes not just pretty or picturesque, but powerful. They require an approach beyond photographic realism to communicate that power and to capture their impact.

Figure drawing and painting is the category in which I feel most at home. I have always enjoyed trying to depict people and personalities though not often in a photographically accurate manner. I feel it’s more important to get a good painting than a good likeness. Best, of course, is to achieve both goals whenever that’s possible.

Still Life paintings are usually exercises in control. The goal is to render the subject as realistically as possible,capturing the effects of light and shadow.
Invention deals with subject matter from imagination, ideas and experience. Often these are treated in an unexpected humorous or manner. I have also experimented in abstract and narrative paintings. I expect these experiments to continue.