My wife and I live on the East Shore of Lake Winnipeg year round. Metal work has always been an interest of mine and upon retirement, I decided to try my hand at blade smithing to keep my mind and body active. My distant background in the metal trade has come full circle. The setting where I work is ideal; at my pace, no pressure, just peaceful creativity in the Boreal forest.
My knives are handcrafted from scratch, from the initial design to the finished product. I don’t forge any blades. The steel I use is purchased in sheet form from factories world wide and is the very best available for knifemaking.

My work is to machine the metal, and, using electric furnaces at temperatures of 1900 degrees F., to harden temper, freeze, polish and add a number of touches to produce a usable product that I can be proud of.
Handle material can be many different products, from local stabilized wood, exotic figured hardwoods, acrylics, bone, antler etc. Handles are permanently attached with epoxy and various types of rivets or pins. I shape them with belt sanders and files then polish the material by hand to achieve the desired finish.

A logo is electro/acid etched on the blade, and the final step is to sharpen the steel to a scary sharp, long lasting edge using diamond hones and polishing wheels. Hand-stitched leather/kydex sheaths are fashioned to fit the knife and supplied with most of the knives.

I would be happy to show anyone the process that goes into producing a handcrafted knife. I do custom orders based on a users own design if requested.
Herb Burlock
Burlock Blades