Welcome to the many interesting artists already associated with the Boreal Shores Art Tour….we are adding more exciting artists every week…


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Janine Bergamot / Jewelry – metal / Hadashville

Annie Bergen / paintings / murals/ mosaics

Iris Bidinosti / Woodcarving / Lac du Bonnet

Arlene Bohn / Acrylic and watercolour painting, glass art / Pinawa

Herb Burlock / Knife crafter / East Shore of Lake Winnipeg

Janice Charko / Fibre art / Lac du Bonnet /

Mary Louise Chown / Mixed media / River Hills

Jan Claude / Watercolour painting / Bird River

Pat Fallis / Pottery, jewelry, painting / Brereton Lake /

Denise Gray / Pebble art / Lakeshore Height

Dennis Graham / Woodworking / Pinawa

Stu Iverson / Photography / Pinawa

Brian Knockaert / Wood turnings / Pine Falls

Margaret Korlak / Mixed Mediums – oil, watercolour, inks, acrylic, collage,
fibre / Whitemouth

Grace Kost (Robert) / Giclee prints of oil and acrylic paintings / Lac du Bonnet

Shirley Kurian / Photography / Pinawa Bay

Roberta Laliberte / Acrylic, watercolour, water/alcohol inks, graphite &
charcoal, pastels, canvas & paper, collage / Pine Falls

Dianne Lund / Acrylics, fibre, mixed media, watercolour, alcohol ink / Rennie

Paul Lussier / Clay sculpture / Pinawa

Marilyn McNish / Acrylic painting on canvas / Manigotagan

Brigid Meakin /often upcycled: fused, stained, and mosaic glass works

Pinawa Art Gallery / Wide variety of art / Pinawa /

Rosemary and Robert Scurfield / Fused Glass / Acrylic paintings / Victoria Beach

George Tanner / Acrylic and watercolour paintings / Falcon Lake

Tanis Thomas / jewelry

Ada Vandersteen / Oil Painting / Lac du Bonnet