In grade 4 I was summoned to the principal’s office! I was a shy little girl and afraid. On his big desk he had a piece of my art. “Sit down, Jane, and tell me about this”, he said. That affirming encounter lit the creative fire in me.

A good day is a day in my studio, painting, reading about art, searching for new possibilities, experimenting! I light a candle, make the coffee, put on the jazz and the day begins.

My art often has something lurking under the surface. It might be the suggestion of an image. It might be layers of wax and paint or even bits of fabric or paper. Ideas I am pondering translate into my process of layering and scraping away paint, to reveal things that want to remain partly hidden or are just waiting to be discovered.

Nature, buildings, animals, abstraction, landscape, color, pattern are all words I would use to describe my art. A mixed bag, indeed!

Over the years I have participated in group and solo shows. I won second place in the Manitoba Society of Artists Juried show in September 2017.

My art can be seen online at, Jane Gateson Art (facebook) or on instagram. It can also be seen at Soul Gallery in Winnipeg and Poor Michael’s in Onanole. Or come and visit me during the Boreal Shores Art Tour, or in my Winnipeg studio! 

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