Born and raised in Winnipeg, Janine Bergamot received her Fine Arts degree from the University of Manitoba and is a member of the Manitoba Craft Council. While Janine has explored the concept of “portable art” for over 15 years, wire wrapped jewellery became her main focus in 2014 after discovering her knowledge of fibre arts could be adapted to the medium.

Often inspired by the natural world and made with various nickel-free metals, her pieces feature polished stones, gems, precious metals, and glass. In 2017, the necklace “Frosted Woods” received an honourable mention at the Eastman Judged Art Exhibition, while the necklace “Resistance/Resilience” was included in the Canada 150: Craft in Red and White exhibit hosted by the Manitoba Craft Museum and Library in Winnipeg.

Regarding the evolution of her creations, Janine says, “During my schooling, professors often commented that the stories and influences behind my work added so much to my pieces. I always had a strong interest in language and creative writing, wanting readers to relate to something from a specific point of view, but it wasn’t until I began designing jewellery and documenting some of the background online that it became an integral part of my process. Similar to precipitating prose into poetry, I brainstorm words, sketches, and patterns, pare that down to the essence of my intention, then scale it again to something that will fit in the hand. I enjoy sharing what my work is about, and I find it exciting to hear about the associations people experience when looking at or touching them. I love creating art that is cherished and worn.”

Based in her home in the Hadashville area at the edge of the Sandilands Provincial Forest, North Sun Studio’s one-of and custom pieces are enjoyed across Canada, in the UK, USA, Germany, and France.

You can find her online at and