2017-07 JBergamot (portrait)

Janine Bergamot received her Fine Arts Degree at the University of Manitoba and is a member of the Manitoba Craft Council. She has been interested in the concept of ‘portable art’ for over 15 years and been exploring this with wire-wrap jewellery since 2013, selling her jewellery at various shows in Winnipeg and eastern Manitoba since 2014. Bringing the experience of art into the everyday, she creates one-of and custom pieces worn in the UK, USA, and across Canada. Using various metals, she combines fibre art techniques of weaving/knitting and traditional chainmaille patterns along with her own decorative links, earring wires, and clasps. All work is cold-forged without solder using nickel-free hypo-allergenic metals. Janine’s work examines functional beauty that is often inspired by the focal elements themselves, but also incorporates interpretations of events, memories, and the natural world. “I love creating art that is cherished and worn. The tactile experience of a piece is important to me; the surprize of textures, the weight, smooth finishes, and different shapes. Whether creating a delicate or bold piece, I hope to share my creative vision in a very accessible way. I have always felt that jewellery could be about more than fashion; personal style can reflect who you are or wish to be, and I enjoy hearing about how a piece brings out different meanings and associations with different people.”