I believe that art can heal, mind, body, and soul. I have been in various helping professions for the past 20 years. Art is not just for relaxing but it can also be used for healing and change. Making art has been an important part of my spiritual journey and later my cancer treatments. My background includes making art with children, youth, adults, and seniors. Come and try and an art activity to discover something about yourself. www.joyezart.com

Art has become popular, with coloring books and paint nights. Art therapy is more than just that, it combines art and counseling, to help get emotions that are beyond words. Art can be used with anyone and in a variety of circumstances. It is also useful for people for whom verbal communication is difficult; with autism, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, crime victims, abuse survivors, dementia, addictions, grieving individuals, and many others. Art making becomes a language to express joy, sadness, fear, trauma, grief, recall memories, or for relaxation. The art therapy sessions are a supportive environment to find relief, resolution, or ongoing support. Activities may include drawing favourite memories, painting expressively for emotional release, collage making for self discovery, watercolour painting for relaxation, making a box of memories or hopes or an endless list of artistic projects to access emotions.
As an art therapist, I have a background in creative arts, collage, painting, clay, drawing, and other additional skills. My therapy training includes; assessment, counselling skills, mental illness, trauma, psychology, ethics, and treatment planning. There are several places to study art study art therapy in Canada. I am fortunate to study at WHEAT Institute, (Winnipeg Holistic Expressive Art Therapy) at St. Norbert Center for the Arts, a newly accredited school close to home.
The use of art in healing is ancient, many cultures used art making as part of rituals and ceremony. Art making is an integral part of aboriginal tradition. Art can be more than just recreation, it is culture, expression on social issues, as well as a support or alternative to medical treatments. Art therapy has been a recognized profession in the health field since the 1940’s. In Canada, art therapy is now becoming more recognized and as effective to treatment in many health and social settings. I look forward to participating in the art therapy field. As it will be an exciting and rewarding time to be using this therapy in the Eastern Manitoba. I offer small group sessions for children and adults, private therapy sessions as well as workshops for your groups needs or interests. If you would like to discuss possibilities for health and healing with me, contact me through my website www.joyezart.com.

Joye Platford 204-459-0355

“Choose life. Be a blessing.”