Tucked into Balsam Bay on the eastern shore of Lake Winnipeg, the studio of Into the Woods with Lou is suffused with the enchanting nature of the forest. Working with “found wood”, driftwood deposited along the waterways leading to Lake Winnipeg, each piece has its own unique story to tell. Carved by hand using chisels, gouges and knives, the wood reveals one-of-a-kind wood spirits, wise wizards and whimsical fairy houses. 

Throughout her former career as a commercial artist and graphic designer, Lou’s passion for personal creative expression was explored through pottery, oil painting and watercolours before becoming an enthusiastic wood carver.

“I truly enjoy carving our native cottonwood bark, releasing the spirit of the wood. Being surrounded by the trees and water, the gentle breezes and breathtaking sunsets feed my soul. My most important artist’s tool is my imagination, that’s where it all begins!”

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/intothewoodswithLou/