As an evolving, multi-media artist I am influenced by the rural and inner landscape of my soul. My artwork is my response to the world around me and within me; the things I see, feel and experience. By creating from the inside out I take time to reflect and then respond visually in the physical form.

Since the late 1990’s when my goal was to acquire skills and knowledge to teach art my desire and passion is to now produce art which creates an emotional response. I look at my art as a way to find and express my inner voice while reflecting the vast and ever changing, evolving landscape. As I continue to explore the vast possibilities in art I use different mediums and processes to express myself. Often in my work elements of nature naturally emerge reflecting my connection to the prairie landscape.

Longing, searching, exploration and connection continue to be some of the ways to describe my journey with art. My work studio is a place where I can express and explore through various mediums as I strive to capture emotion and energy in my paintings. I am mostly influenced today by nature and enjoy photographing images of this ever changing canvas. I usually have several paintings on the go at one time which can make for some “wild times”.

I was a participant in the Eastern Rural Mentorship Program, I have entered paintings in several Judged Art Exhibitions including the Eastman
Judged Art Exhibition where I won People’s Choice Award in 2011 and received first and second place in Mixed Media and Acrylic Painting Categories in 2013 and third place in Mixed Media 2017.