Marilyn is a contemporary and realistic painter, who paints from either memory, photograph or in some cases a collage of two or three.

Since August 2017, she has participated in three shows, the 2017 Boreal Shores Art Tour, (her location was at the Papertown Motor Inn), the Manitoba Art Expo, located at the Assiniboine Downs in Winnipeg, and The Homes Renovations Show located at the RBC Convention Center held in Winnipeg, as well.

Marilyn teaches art classes from her home for children to mature students every year. Her students are thrilled to have someone in a remote area that will convey experience, lessons learned as well as her passion for art. Marilyn’s background in corporate management saw training staff a constant evolution. She shows the same beliefs for teaching art, whereby knowledge should be transitioned to others for expression of themselves as well as passing on best practices.

In addition, Marilyn has produced several commissioned works of art for private individuals as well as placed many artwork pieces in client’s homes, businesses and corporations.

Her vibrant acrylic paintings cannot be labelled in only one category because her paintings reflect her life: enriched with excitement as well as quiet times. She’s inspired by daily occurrences: the way a beam of sunlight hits three posts in a field on a summer or winter afternoon, the way a pelican fluffs and grooms himself, animals in their grandeur, or children and people showing their interests and personalities. She prefers to concentrate on painting the best this world shows us, rather than the worst; as such; her paintings often reflect her love and appreciation of life. She hopes to arouse a “feel-good” emotion in the viewer with her paintings – happiness, reminiscence, excitement, contentment, amazement – as she tries to satisfy the eye with form, the mind with purpose and the soul with imagination. To see her work, please visit or follow her on Facebook.

Marilyn works from her home at 5 McNish Lane, Manigotagan, Manitoba, Canada.

Her phone number is 204.363.7482.