At the age of 6, I was given a standing wooden easel with some poster paints as a gift for Christmas from my Aunt. From that moment on, art has played an important part in my life.

I attended the Saturday morning art classes for children given by the School of Art ( university of Manitoba ) for quite a few years. It was a wonderful experience and opened up a world of discovery in various forms of art, such as clay work and puppetry making along with the traditional drawing and painting classes.

As an adult I studied with the School of Art again at the University of Manitoba.I have taken many classes and workshops throughout the years, including Elizabeth Berry, an artist from Toronto, who was an inspiration for me with her lovely watercolours, many of the Algonquin region in Ontario.

Watercolour always was my ‘first love’. The immediacy and lovely glowing colours one can achieve is what attracts me to the medium. I paint with oils, acrylics, inks and pastels as well.

My love of nature is apparent in the subject matters I choose…many paintings depict the East Beaches area along Lake Winnipeg with the wide sweeping sand beaches and beautiful forests. Gardens are a subject I enjoy painting as well..usually in acrylics.

Currently I am working on a collection of paintings and stories that depict the history of our area. Interviewing ‘old timers’ and documenting their stories is a privilege and a joy. It is always a difficult decision as to which stories will become paintings as there are so many.

Teaching art is a passion for me. I really enjoy meeting other artists and passing on my knowledge to them. I have taught art classes and workshops for 30 years for various galleries, arts councils and privately as well. I have travelled throughout Manitoba giving workshops and made many friends…and am very thankful for the experiences.

I offer classes to adults and children and my classes are advertised on my Facebook page, Nancy-Lou Ateah Art. My paintings can be viewed there as well.