Every canvas is a journey, and a story to tell. Norma has always had an intrinsic desire to create. In elementary school she was constantly drawing and she was selected to receive free art classes at Winnipeg Art Gallery. 

As an adult she found creative outlets designing and sewing fashions, fiber arts, the building of six homes with her husband, producing catalogs and screen-ready art in family businesses. She is a self-taught artist augmented by taking the various course and workshop – drawing, watercolour, acrylic, Chinese rice painting, pottery, porcelain doll making.
It has only been since retirement and joining Charleswood Art Group 09/2015 that she more seriously began her artistic journey of expression through painting. She has been actively involved in the group, and her artwork has been sold at their annual spring sales, as well as in a hARTe Trail Studio Tour. Two of her paintings were recently shortlisted in MSAOJCE2021.

Norma has spent summers at the Falcon Lake family cottage since 12 years old, and her children and grandchildren have continued the family tradition. She and her husband rebuilt the cottage in a labour of love, with some subcontracting and an abundance of their own creative input and hard work. Like many longtime cottagers she knows the significance of the lake in her life giving joy, inspiration, calm.

As an artist she feels sensitivity and involvement in her view of nature, be it a landscape or any smaller detail involved. The aura of beauty and mystery of the Whiteshell boreal forest and the lake is definitely inspiration for Norma’s creations. She will use the fluidity and transparency of watercolour to capture the mood and emotion it evokes. As a continual experimenter, she loves to try other materials (acrylic and mixed media), as well as new techniques like adding texture. Colour is an important ingredient used to give her paintings life and interest, and an abstract form of expression may also be used to tell a story.