After a quarter century as an educator, Patrick is savoring his time devoted to painting, gardening at the lake and travels.

Patrick, now retired, has more time for his art. He could probably paint every day, but restricts himself to only 3 days a week. He does studio time at the Forum Art Centre and this is where he receives feedback from his fellow colleagues. It helps him capture the essence of what he is seeing or not. Art carries him to another place of tranquility and is very therapeutic for him. He often wonders how hours have gone so quickly.

Patrick LeMadec, being an alumni of the Forum Art Centre, has learnt from the best. His passion for art started in early childhood watercolour classes with Pauline Boutal, continuing on to working acrylics with Nick Bjelajac and water soluble oils with Tom Andrich. He has had two solos, one at the Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain in 1990, another at Université de St-Boniface 2009 and Maison des Artists 2016. His work has been recognized in a juried contest by the Manitoba Society of Artist.

Patrick enjoys rendering more complicated scenes that challenges him to experiment and learn. His paintings can be found at the Forum Art Centre or the Wayne Arthur Gallery.

His artistic expression, as seen through water soluble oils, acrylics or watercolours, deals with varied subject matters from realistic local or travel scenes and “story-invoking” portraits to semi- impressionistic renditions. His compositions reflect his exploratory expression of meaningful personal images.