Discover another Secret of Pinawa as you explore this hidden gem.

The Pinawa Art Gallery is an initiative of Pinawa Art 211 Inc., a local not-for-profit art group founded in 1989 by artists of the town wishing to develop and share their talents. Over the many years the art group has seen substantial growths and declines as the town dealt with the looming future of the AECL site.
Today the art group has expanded its reaches to include artists from numerous municipalities in and around the area. This active little group, consisting of many award winning artists, always has a project in the works. Between Art Shows, sales, demonstrations and classes, the artists find the time and talents to keep this gallery fresh, stimulating, and engaging. In the Gallery, you may be fortunate enough to find an artist at work, like Iris carving or Joye painting when you drop by, but you will definitely discover all the exceptional talents on display. From fibre to photography, paintings, jewellery, glass, and carvings, the gallery has something for everyone’s taste and pocketbook.
The Art Gallery, located in the W.B.Lewis Business Centre, operates solely as a combined effort of the volunteer members’ time and efforts, and the W. B. Lewis Board, who have generously donated this room for a fixed gallery space. This co-operation allows Pinawa area residents and visitors the pleasurable opportunity of viewing and owning some of the latest works of 12 to 15 regional artists in one charming location.
The diversity and merit of the artwork displayed is a reflection of the commitment to art exploration, education and development that Pinawa Art 211 Inc. and its members endeavor to accomplish.
Today the Gallery flourishes in its new home reflecting the diversity and excellence of its members who strive to create wonder and amazement for their visitors. Drop by regularly and examine the works of the artists as they bend the rules in an attempt to capture the inner meaning of the subject for the current month’s provocative “Theme Wall” and “Discover another Secret of Pinawa”.

For Gallery updates regarding classes, shows, sales and new theme challenges, go to:  pinawa art