The Pinawa Art Gallery, an initiative of Pinawa ART 211 Inc ., includes artists from the Pinawa, Lac du Bonnet, and Whitemouth areas . The gallery in Pinawa’s Lewis Business Centre was opened in May 2013.

The gallery artists are Liz Anderstedt, Iris Bidinosti, Arlene Bohn, Boreal Workshop, Fay Campbell, Janice Charko, Mary Louise Chown, Jan Claude, Metro Dmytriw, Anita Schewe Drabyk, Lian Drabyk, Bill Habke, Stu Iverson, Shirley Kurian, Brenda McKenzie, Bob Munn, Karly Owens, David Schellenberg , Cheryl Swanson, Vivian Thomson, Erika Uustalu-Nicholson, Ada Vandersteen and Heather Westdal. Their work includes bark and wood carving, watercolour, acrylic, and oil painting, photography, fibre art, mixed media, pottery, clay sculptures, bronze, printmaking, pen and ink.

The purpose of the Pinawa Art Gallery is to give public exposure to their artists and to introduce and educate their members to the world of marketing, promoting, and selling their artwork.