Rhian Brynjolson moved to Falcon Lake two years ago and built a studio in a quiet pine grove. Rhian is in love with the natural wonders of the Whiteshell, and has explored and photographed the landscape by canoe, kayak, bike, showshoe, skis, and hiking boots. She’s sought inspiration in interesting places, including traveling by horseback to the site of the Falcon Lake Incident – the UFO sighting of 1967. She has been visited by hummingbird moths and pine martens, and finds wolf tracks along the edge of her road.

Rhian would love to sketch outdoors all the time, although finds it’s a bit tricky with heavy mitts on in the winter, or when the black flies are biting in June. Her studio has warm, insect-free views of sunlight slanting through tree boughs.

Rhian Brynjolson is a visual artist, author, book illustrator, and art educator. Rhian has worked as an art instructor at the Winnipeg Art Gallery Studio Programs, and as a visiting artist for the Artist in the Schools Program and Frontier School Division. Rhian taught in the Winnipeg School Division, and was awarded Canadian Art Teacher of the Year in 2014. Rhian is the author of Teaching Art: a Complete Guide for the Classroom, and has illustrated fifteen children’s books.

Rhian has exhibited her work in diverse venues, including the Manitoba Children’s Museum, the Mennonite Heritage Center Gallery, and Graffiti Gallery. Rhian has worked with the River on the Run artist collective, making and performing art to raise awareness of environmental concerns affecting the Lake Winnipeg watershed.