Richard Robertson B.A., B.Ed.

Richard has always been curious about the world around him. As a child growing up in southern Ontario he would explore places around his home and beyond. On a trip to Washington D.C. at age 7 he began taking pictures and over 60 years later he still pursues his interest in photography. At the age of 13 he was fortunate to attend an exhibition of paintings by Vincent Van Gogh at the Art Gallery of Ontario. This marked a major artistic turning point in his life as he had never dreamed that an artist could paint such amazing paintings. It was one of the most moving experiences of his life, one that he has never forgotten and has influenced his artistic vision ever since. He believes that to be an artist one first has to appreciate art and the artists that create it.

After graduating from the University of Guelph in Arts and the University of Toronto in Education, Richard, moved to Manitoba in search of a teaching position. He worked first for Frontier College, teaching at Egg Lake Camp north of The Pas. For the next 9 years he taught woodworking for Kelsey School Division in The Pas before moving to Dauphin, MB. He taught at Winnipegosis Collegiate for 3 years before moving to Winnipeg in 1989. He worked for Seven Oaks School Division from 1989 to 2005 when he retired. He moved to Seven Sisters Falls in 2008 when he purchased the Staff House from Manitoba Hydro.

It has been photography that Richard has chosen as his artistic medium of expression. Over the years he has experimented with painting, print making, sculpting and wood working, but it is photography that he always returns to. Mostly self taught from books and videos, he has also attended many workshops and training sessions in photography and artistic design. He loves travel photography where he can capture images of people and places new to him. But now he mostly photographs the landscapes, waterscapes and wildlife in and around Seven Sisters Falls.

They say life is journey not a destination. For Richard photography has been the vehicle by which he has recorded his journey. Over the years his camera has become an extension of himself rather than something he holds in his hand. Today what he sees through a view finder is a lot different than what he saw when starting out on his journey. The viewfinder has become his perspective on life recording the subtleties of light, colour and composition.

When he is not photographing he lives with his beautiful and talented wife, Frances Mir- Robertson, at their home in Seven Sisters Falls. Their house, formerly the Hydro Staff House, has been renovated into a bed and breakfast with a yoga studio. Both Richard and Frances enjoy the many people who have stayed with them or attended Fran’s yoga classes. They both feel privileged to live in a place of such historical significance in the development of this part of the world. They appreciate that people have gathered here for millenniums to fish, live and travel. They want to contribute to that journey too.

Mr. Robertson recently won first and second prizes in photography at the 2017 Eastman Juried Art Competition held in Whitemouth, Manitoba.

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